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Implant Supported Bridge – Brookfield, WI

A Prosthetic that is Comfortable and Natural Looking

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Dental implants in Brookfield are not only used to help patients missing a single tooth. They can also be part of a prosthetic designed to stand in for multiple missing teeth. If your tooth loss involves two to four consecutive teeth, then an implant supported bridge may be the most comfortable and natural looking replacement.

What Is an Implant Supported Bridge?

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Dentists have relied on bridges for many years to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. With a traditional bridge, replacement teeth are fused to two dental crowns--one on both sides of the required false teeth—and then the crowns are affixed to healthy teeth in order to hold the bridge in place.

An implant-retained bridge works similarly except that the dental crowns are mounted on top of dental implants in Brookfield instead of two healthy teeth. The implants are positioned in the jaw alongside the gap in your smile. If there isn’t enough bone to place and support the dental implants, the bone can be built up with a bone grafting procedure before the actual implant procedure begins. The bridge’s crowns are attached to the implants’ abutments—small connectors that link the bridge to the implant—and your smile is once again complete.

Are You a Candidate for an Implant Supported Bridge?

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Most people are qualified to have a single dental implant in Brookfield. However, because an implant-supported bridge requires a second implant, the dentist will want to make sure that your jaw is strong enough and that there is sufficient bone volume. An oral examination and digital X-rays will be required before the procedure begins.

Also, a dental implant patient must be committed to exceptional oral hygiene. An implant-supported bridge is a permanent prosthetic that needs cleaning just like your natural teeth. Regular checkups are a must, as well.

What is the Process for Having an Implant Supported Bridge?

Receiving an implant-supported bridge usually requires a number of appointments with an implant dentist in Brookfield over the course of several months. Once the dental implants are placed, three to six months are needed for healing. During this time, the implants and surrounding bone tissue fuse to form a secure foundation for the bridge.

The last step is attaching the custom designed bridge to the implants.

With proper oral hygiene care at home and regular dental checkups, your implant-retained bridge can last for decades, and you will be able to smile and eat all the foods you enjoy.