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State-of-the-Art Care & Comfort

Modern dental technology gives our dentistry team advantages and capabilities dentists in the past simply didn’t have, which is why we do our best to keep our dental office filled with the most advanced instruments available today. Using the devices outlined below, we can ensure your care is always quick, precise, and comfortable from start to finish. At Elmbrook Family Dental, you can trust that you’re only getting the best that 21st-century dentistry has to offer.

iTero Digital Scanner

iTero digital impression scanner system

Impressions are a critical part of quality dental care, and with the help of a state-of-the-art iTero scanner, our team can now make this process simpler and more comfortable than ever before while still maintaining optimal accuracy. The physical trays, goop, and gagging are long gone! Now, we can create a highly detailed impression with a thorough digital scan, allowing you to see your teeth and nearby oral structures in 3D with NO uncomfortable contact required. 

The Wand™

The Wand local anesthesia hand tool

If you hate needles and shots, then you’ll love The Wand™. It allows us to use local anesthesia without a patient having to experience the uncomfortable pinch of an injection. Instead, it applies a bit of anesthesia to the area before administering the rest extremely slowly. Between these two steps, most patients don’t notice anything before becoming numb. It’s just another way we can make your care with us absolutely painless from start to finish.

CBCT Imaging

C B C T imaging scanner

Cone Beam CT imaging provides multiple views of the jaw joint, airway and surrounding structures for differential diagnosing. Unlike traditional 2D imaging, the iCAT imaging system is 3D. It can expand focus on selected areas and provide rotation to visualize from different angles.

MLS Cold Laser Dentistry

M L S cold laser system

Laser therapy reduces inflammation, decreases pain, and increases cellular turnover to enhance healing. Our MLS Cold Laser utilizes the most advanced laser therapy system in patient care. This device offers an alternative to other pain relief methods such as medication and steroids, and we use it to help accelerate healing and reduce inflammation for our TMJ patients. The laser uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the cells in the affected area, aiding in their recovery. Treatment with this laser typically takes less than 10 minutes, is painless, and has no lasting side effects (other than relief.).

Tekscan Digital Occlusal Analysis

Tekscan digital occlusal analysis

Thanks to Tekscan, we can now capture highly-accurate and information-rich bite impressions without a patient having to deal with messy dental putty or inaccurate bite paper. A patient simply places their teeth on a small, handheld device, and the Tekscan interface instantly reveals how the teeth are coming together and in what order, which is something you can’t determine with a traditional impression. Your dentist can then use this data to design and better personalize a wide array of treatments, ranging from simple crowns to full dentures and dental implants, to ensure they look great, fit comfortably, and function perfectly.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Dental patient receiving nitrous oxide sedation dentistry treatment

Nitrous oxide, better known as “laughing gas,” has been used for generations to help nervous/fearful dental patients relax. All a patient has to do is inhale the colorless, odorless gas through a small nasal mask to achieve a feeling of lightness, happiness, and even euphoria while in the chair. The mask will stay on for the entire appointment, and once it is removed, the gas’ effects wear off almost instantly, allowing a patient to go back to their day without any lasting drowsiness.

Joint Vibration Analysis

Dental patient receiving joint vibration analysis

The JVA electronically records the sounds, or more accurately, the vibrations, occurring in the jaw joint during normal function to elevate our diagnostic capabilities. Utilizing vibration transducers called accelerometers, a characteristic wave pattern is created for the various types of internal joint vibrations (conditions). Whereas the human ear cannot hear many of the frequencies that occur in the TMJ, the accelerometers record all frequencies with equal efficiency. Once a vibration has been recorded, then it can be compared to other types of vibrations. This may make it possible to categorize the various types of internal conditions, and then, monitor the joint status throughout treatment. A set of headphones is placed directly over the TMJ, and a patient is then asked to open and close their mouth as wide as they can. This will create a readout on a nearby monitor that both our team and a patient can see in real time.

State-of-the-Art Custom Oral Appliances

Custom oral appliance for T M J treatment

Unlike an occlusal splint, mouthpiece or nightguard, our custom fabricated oral appliances are designed to position, support, and protect the TMJ to alleviate TMJ-related pain and headaches while rehabilitating and healing the structure. This provides the best long term TMJ treatment result. Our TMJ Oral Appliance Therapy includes progress re-evaluations to monitor and manage your care long-term.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x rays on chairside computer screen

X-rays have been essential to dentistry for a very long time as they allow caregivers to spot problems that may be hidden to the naked eye. To make this tool even better, our dental office has upgraded to only using fully digital X-rays. They can create crystal clear images in mere seconds, and they also expose our patients to 80% LESS radiation compared to traditional dental X-rays. Plus, we can easily send, store, and display the images on a nearby monitor for you to view with your dentist.

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist capturing smile images with intraoral camera

Our intraoral camera will allow you to finally see your smile from your dentist’s point of view. This small, pen-sized camera can easily capture close-up, high-resolution images of your teeth and gums we can instantly display on a large, nearby monitor. These will allow our team to catch small dental issues even sooner, and you’ll also gain a much deeper understanding of your dental health at the same time. We’ll even be able to better explain why you might need a certain treatment.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Dental patient receiving soft tissue laser dentistry treatment

Lasers have been one of the best modern additions to the dental tool-kit. With our soft tissue laser, we can perform gum augmentations with relative ease while keeping a patient completely comfortable. The extremely focused beam of light can quickly eliminate harmful bacteria from the gum line, and it can even painlessly remove infected tissue without the need of a scalpel and sutures.

DEKA QuietNite

photo of DEKA QuietNite equipment

DEKA lasers are extremely gentle and precise when it comes to treating patients, and the new DEKA QuietNite upgrade makes it simpler than ever for our team to help patients resolve chronic snoring with minimal post-op discomfort and downtime. Snoring is commonly caused by the elasticity of one’s soft palate, which can vibrate during sleep in a disruptive fashion. Thankfully, this state-of-the-art laser energy stimulates collagen and helps tighten the palate, which will lessen vibrations and improve the patient’s quality of sleep. Better yet, it only takes around 10 minutes to complete.

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