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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Smiling man in dental chair Dr. Brunner, Dr. Taibl, and Dr. McGinn like to use composite resin, tooth-colored fillings instead of old metal (amalgam) fillings. If you have dark fillings you'd like to replace so that you can reclaim an all-white smile, we can help. We can also repair new cavities with tooth-colored fillings to preserve our patients' beautiful smiles.

To place a composite resin filling, your dentist will first remove your old filling and/or prepare your tooth for the new filling. They will choose a shade of composite resin to match your tooth, then they’ll place the material into the cavity. A curing light will harden the resin, creating a durable, inconspicuous restoration. Before you leave the office, we will make sure that your teeth fit together comfortably, and we'll polish the restoration to a nice shine.

Amalgams/Mercury Fillings - Why?

For years, there has been a debate in the dental profession regarding the pros and cons of using silver amalgam fillings, which contain about 50% mercury. While it has not been proven scientifically that dental mercury can harm you, we have chosen to not use silver amalgam/mercury fillings, as the technology involved with them is well over 100 years old. There are also several drawbacks to them, which can cause many problems for the teeth.

At our office, we prefer to provide our patients with the newest and best options available, which are bonded composite resins and ceramic restorations. Not only do they look more natural, but they also provide a much better service and protection for your teeth, as they eliminate all the shortcomings of the old-fashioned silver fillings. They seal the teeth better, insulate against hot and cold temperatures, and if they wear down, they can be repaired more easily. Many people who are undergoing a cosmetic improvement on their front teeth elect to have dark silver fillings in their back teeth replaced with bonded composite resins. 

Our entire team looks forward to serving you. Call our Brookfield, WI dental office at 262-444-0232 today to schedule your appointment. We’re open early mornings and evenings for your convenience. Located in Brookfield, our office also serves patients from Elm Grove, Milwaukee, Pewaukee, Waukesha, and New Berlin.