Dental Bonding – Brookfield, WI

Make Flaws Disappear

When you visit Elmbrook Family Dental for a smile makeover consultation, our dentists may recommend dental bonding. This minimally invasive procedure can improve the appearance of the teeth by adding to their structure. Keep reading to learn more about dental bonding in Brookfield, WI.

Why Choose Elmbrook Family Dental for Dental Bonding?

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  • Personalized Color-Matching for Each Patient
  • Committed to Delivering Excellent Results

The Dental Bonding Process

Woman receiving dental bonding treatment

A quick and painless procedure, direct bonding restores the natural beauty of a smile by repairing chipped, cracked, or severely discolored teeth with composite resin. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend direct bonding as a cost-effective alternative to veneers. Bonding does not last forever, but it will restore your smile's youthful attractiveness. This cosmetic dentistry treatment strengthens natural teeth and produces a more vibrant smile in an hour or less, depending on the extent of the flaws you’d like to address.

To soften the appearance of sharp teeth or to smooth rough teeth edges, our doctors may also suggest cosmetic contouring. This process involves gently removing dental structure to create a more uniform and appealing smile.

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