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March 27, 2017

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Over the last few years, electronic cigarettes have really become a trend. Many use it as an alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes with the thought that they are not as damaging to your lungs and body. Others use the E-cigs as a transition to cut down on nicotine while they quit smoking regular cigarettes. The truth is, research is just starting to uncover the negative effects that the E-cigs may have to our health. History shows us that it can take decades to study the long term affects of products like this. In the early stages of research, they are uncovering proof that shows cellular change and cellular death at a rate of up to 53% in oral tissue. Studies are also showing that smoking these can be detrimental to your lung health causing an irreversible lung disease commonly known as “popcorn lung”. Think that smoking an E-cigarette doesn’t release second hand vapors? Think again. They do emit second hand toxins which include formaldehyde and other carcinogens.

Only time and further studies will reveal the potential fate of someone who smokes E-cigarettes. We care about your oral health and your overall health. The only safe option is to eliminate cigarettes, E-cigarettes and all other forms of smoke or smokeless tobacco from your life. Did you know that your staff at Elmbrook Family Dental is trained to help you quit? That’s right! Next time you see us, just ask. We are happy to help provide you with the first steps toward quitting and get you further resources as well.

Want to learn more about “popcorn lungs” or lung scarring and it’s long term effects? Visit here: http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/dental/article/e-cigarettes-shown-be-detrimental-oral-health-new-study?kara-rdh

For our other resources, please follow these links.



8th Annual March Madness Comptetion

March 11, 2017

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Elmbrook Family Dental is hosting our 8th Annual March Madness college basketball tournament for current patients! (Patients having 1 cleaning within the last 12 months)

In years past, our NCAA tournament contest was a hit and this year we’re making it even better by awarding prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place!

1st place: $150 Bartolotta Gift Card

          2nd place: Custom Whitening Trays

          3rd place: 4 Movie Tickets and Snack Passes

          4th place: $25 Blackfinn Gift Card


To sign up, go to http://games.espn.go.com/tcmen/en/frontpage and create an account. Once you have logged in, click “My Groups” link toward the top of the page. Type Elmbrook Family Dental in the search box. Our group password is TEETH. Create your own bracket, and please use your actual name as your team name (so we know who you are!) and pick who you think will win. For more information, click the “How to Play” link.


You must sign-up and pick your teams by the tip-off of the first game on March 16th in order to play.  You will not be able to pick your teams until the tournament field is announced on March 12th.


The contest through ESPN is open to anyone, however in order to be eligible for a prize from Elmbrook Family Dental you must be a current patient, meaning 1 cleaning within the last 12 months.

When Should My Child See The Dentist In Pewaukee?

February 16, 2017

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Dentist in Pewaukee performs gentle exams.Your child’s baby teeth are important to speech, nutrition and facial structure. They ensure the proper alignment of those permanent teeth. Your dentist in Pewaukee at Elmbrook Family Dental asks parents to bring children in for their first get-acquainted visits when that first tooth erupts and by age three for regular preventive care. Learn what happens at a child’s first dental visit and what services are available for little smiles.



Why a toothache may be a bigger deal than you think!

February 13, 2017

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We all know that a toothache can be painful, but did you know it can lead to severe infection in other places of your body? In severe cases it can even lead to death. When a tooth becomes infected or you get an abscess, it is important to seek help from a dental professional immediately. Your dentist can often resolve this infection with a root canal and an oral antibiotic. In some cases, an extraction may also be needed to resolve the infection. It is extremely important to know that an oral antibiotic alone will NOT resolve a dental infection. It will temporarily decrease the amount of infection, pressure and pain, but there will always still be some infection remaining until a root canal or extraction is performed. This is why seeing a general doctor or emergency room doctor can lead to misunderstanding and incomplete treatment of dental infection. In severe cases, infection will come back after a course of oral antibiotic and spread to other parts of the body. This can cause hospitalization and even death. Follow the link listed below to read a story about a young father who sadly lost his life when his dental infection spread to his lungs. Our heart goes out to this family. Our goal is to never read another story like this again.

Our team of dentists is always here for you. If you have pain, don’t hesitate to call us. Not sure if it is a true “emergency” or if it can wait? Call us. We can help you figure it out. If you have any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that an infection is present. Call immediately if you are experiencing the following :

-Sensitivity to hot temperature.

-Pain that wakes you up at night.

-Pain that is lingering for 30-60 seconds or longer after experiencing temperature sensitivity.

-A bump in your mouth, near your tooth root that appears like a pimple.

-Puss or discharge coming from your gums.

Life is precious, so don’t take any chances. We are happy to diagnose your tooth pain for you. Here is the link to the article mentioned above: http://fox6now.com/2017/01/31/california-father-dies-after-tooth-infection-spreads-to-lungs/

February is Children’s Dental Health Month

February 3, 2017

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During the month of February, we promote Children’s Dental Health Month. During this month, schools and medical and dental providers in the community spend a little extra time focusing on what is best for the dental health of the children. We will post different ways to make brushing fun for your little ones. Be sure to follow us on facebook to get the best and most current information!

Check out this link for some cool and printable fun for your kids. It even includes a page on which you can draw a picture of your favorite Elmbrook Family Dental Professional! We would love to see what your child creates!  https://cdn.dentalcare.pgsitecore.com/-/media/dentalcareus/patient%20education/pdf/dhm2016-kids-activity-book.pdf?la=en-us&v=1-201608021132

Find us on facebook at this link: https://www.facebook.com/elmbrookfamilydental/

New Year, New Benefits! Find Your 2017 Dentist Near Waukesha

January 24, 2017

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Looking for a great dentist near Waukesha who takes your insurance and who’s award winning? Elmbrook Family Dental is the right choice for you.                 You and your sweetheart rang in the New Year in 2016 with a bang. You got tickets to Rock the Burbs at the Waukesha Expo Center. As the ball dropped and the music played on, you made a New Year’s resolution to be committed to your dental health, to floss more, and to see a dentist who takes your insurance for an exam and cleaning. But 2016 flew by without that visit. How is it 2017 already? Well, now that it is, you have the chance to make good on your resolution and give your teeth the attention they deserve with the renewal of your dental benefits. You have Scion Dental insurance, but what dentist in Waukesha takes this insurance? The team at Elmbrook Family Dental does, and they can see you right away. (more…)

Family Friendly Hours and Convenience From Your Dentist in Wauwatosa

January 18, 2017

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Family friendly hours and convenience from your dentist in Wauwatosa.In today’s hectic and busy world, sometimes it can be a challenge just to make it to your routine dental checkup, especially when you have a family. Getting everyone to his or her activities and appointments can become overwhelming, and it often takes precious time from your day. Elmbrook Family Dental wants to help! Learn more about family friendly hours and convenience from your dentist in Wauwatosa.


New year, new benefits?

January 7, 2017

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Do you have new dental insurance benefits in 2017? No worries, we will help you with the details. As a courtesy to our patients, we obtain a full run down of insurance benefits. This run down includes information outlining what your insurance will cover on dental procedures and what your out of pocket cost is estimated to be.

If you do have new dental benefits, please come to your next visit with us 5-10 minutes early with your new insurance card. We will call and take care all the details from there! No card? Don’t worry. Some insurance companies don’t issue a card. Speak with your HR or insurance facilitator at work before you come in to get the necessary information. Here is what you’ll need to know: insurance company name, customer service phone number to reach them, group number and either your social security number or subscriber ID number.

Although our staff will always work hard to provide you with the most accurate information possible, it is the responsibility of the plan holder be aware of changes to insurance coverage and estimates are not a guarantee of benefits.

Food drive success!

December 16, 2016

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jbThank you to everyone who donated food to our Hunger Task Force food drive this season. We are glad to say that we collected over 250 lbs of food! Those who donated were entered to win a gift basket. We drew one random winner. Congrats to Jenny B. We hope you enjoy your awesome gift.

HoLiDaY hOuRs

December 13, 2016

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Please note that our office will be closed on Monday, December 26th and Monday January 2nd for the holidays. We wish all of your a great holiday season!

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