Smile Gallery – Brookfield, WI

See the Amazing Results We Can Achieve

You’ll find a lot of information about the kinds of dental services we offer on our website, but below, you can actually look at pictures of real dentistry patients we’ve helped over the years. From minor fixes to full mouth rehabilitations, our dental team is able to coordinate and deliver gorgeous, long-lasting results no matter the dentistry patient’s needs. To learn more about some of the procedures featured here and what they could do for you, contact us today.

Kathryn Turluck: Looking to improve the appearance of your old crowns or veneers? Our treatment goals included brightening the smile, replacing old and failing porcelain fused to metal crowns, and covering the root surfaces of the teeth for protection and to give proportional tooth length. Dr. Taibl designed and placed all new all-ceramic crowns and they look beautiful!

Dennis Braun: The existing veneers (top) were no longer providing adequate protection for the teeth and needed to be replaced. Dr. Taibl took the opportunity to improve the plane of the upper teeth along with tooth shape and dimensions when placing the new ceramic to allow for a healthy smile that looks great too!

Dawn T: This patient wanted to have a healthier and brighter smile and was looking for a predictable solution that would last. With the use of dental implants, Dr. Taibl was able to rebuild her smile and to give her beautiful and functional teeth now and for many years to come.

Melanie P: Who says function can’t be beautiful? Dr. Taibl turned broken teeth and cavities into a smile to be proud of! We always keep the end cosmetic result in mind with each and every case to ensure the best possible results.

David Wochinski: Worn teeth? We’re here to help! Dr. Taibl was able to rebuild the mouth to bring back the original size and shape of the teeth which allowed for better form, function, and esthetics.

Dori S: This patient came to us with several concerns including a missing tooth, a small ‘peg’ shaped lateral incisor, and the appearance of short teeth due to excess gum tissue. After a cosmetic gum lift to give the teeth better proportions, Dr. Taibl was able to place a bonded ceramic bridge to replace her missing tooth and a ceramic veneer to improve the shape of her peg lateral. This gave our patient the beautiful smile she always wanted!

Steven Popek: Do you have missing teeth and want a ‘fixed’ option to replace them? We have plenty of non-removable solutions for you at Elmbrook Family Dental. Here, Dr. Taibl used an implant bridge to replace missing teeth and/or teeth that had a poor prognosis. The result is a strong and functional smile that looks great too!

Tracy I: Another great smile makeover. Full arch implant restorations are an excellent way to restore function and give our patients the smile they deserve. Don’t be discouraged if you have broken or missing teeth, cavities or gum disease, we’re here to help you! Dr. Taibl worked to create a smile that looks great and is built to last.

Kim S: This failing bridge (top) gave us the opportunity to improve our patient’s smile and correct the appearance of her long teeth. By using dental implants with an ‘All on 4’ approach, Dr. Taibl was able to place the teeth where they look best and control where the gumline is, restoring proper symmetry, form, and function all while improving esthetics.

Who would have thought gum tissue with an All on 4 could look so natural!

Helen Hahn: Planning the best treatment outcome both now and in the future is essential to successful patient care. Here, Dr. Taibl fixed the upper teeth with protective ceramic crowns and replaced the lower teeth by using dental implants with an ‘All on 4’ approach. A fixed non-removable bridge was placed on the lower implants to give the patient excellent chewing ability while restoring the esthetic qualities of natural teeth.

Diane Yeko: Sometimes cavities and broken teeth can be fixed and sometimes they can’t. Careful planning and foresight is crucial in determining the best treatment option for our patients. In this case, Dr. Taibl planned upper and lower full arch implants with fixed bridges (All on ‘x’) to eliminate the risk of ever having another cavity while providing excellent function and esthetics for the patient.