Baby teeth and Stem Cells

July 23, 2009

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New findings in stem cell research have now entered the world of dentistry! You may have seen the commercials on T.V. for storing cord blood in order to use their stem cells later in life. Stem cells are the hope of the future to cure many diseases like diabetes and M.S. People have begun to store their childrens baby teeth at tooth banks in hopes of using the stem cells they contain. Each tooth may contain between 10 and 20 stem cells each. The price of storing baby teeth is about half the price of storing cord blood. An initial deposit of about $500 dollars is made along with an annual fee each year the teeth are stored. Science is a long way from being able to use the stem cells from baby teeth, but extensive research brings us closer and closer to finding significant treatments and cures. So, next time your child puts their tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairly, considering saving for the future!

Check out the video below for more interesting information regarding stem cells and baby teeth!

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