The Toothbrush!

October 20, 2009

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tbrushDid you know that the first toothbrushes were used as long ago as 3000BC? They were made with wild boar hair which served as a stiff bristles to help clean biofilm off of teeth. Throughout history many other things have been used as well. Everything from horse hair toothbrushes to the Miswaak stick which naturally contains calcium and fluoride. Today we have evolved to the nylon bristled brush that comes in many shapes and forms. A good toothbrush will be based on each patient’s individual needs. Take a walk down the toothbrush isle and see how many options there are! The style of brush is not as significant as the type of bristle. Soft or extra soft bristles play an important role in maintaining your optimum tooth and gum health. You may be tempted to try medium or hard bristles, but these can cause recession and abrasion. Soft is still a better way to go! Next time you’re out shopping for your next toothbrush, take a look at all the options out there. You may just find you’ll like something new. Remember the most important thing is that you are brushing twice daily for 2 or more minutes at a time. The best times to visit your dentist are during preventative and routine care visits! Good oral hygiene can help keep your visits to us at a minimum.  

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