Paint a Cake?

April 6, 2012

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cakedecorating101-01smDo you like to make your own cakes, or do you go the store and buy them premade? Well, if you’re a cake buying connoisseur and haven’t given making and decorating your own a shot, try this next time you need a cake!

First, bake your favorite cake recipe (a boxed mix will do just fine). Divide a batch of frosting in two, and spread half of the frosting on the baked cake. Divide the other half of frosting into 3 separate bowls and tint different colors using food coloring.

Grab 3 new or very clean paintbrushes, a willing child participant, and your tinted frosting and start painting the cake!


Let your imagination do the work!

What a beautiful, fun, and creative way to personalize a cake for that special person. Be sure to take lots of pictures, because your artwork will get eaten!

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