Children and Oral Hygiene

September 28, 2012

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Here at Elmbrook Family Dental, we start seeing children near their 3rd birthday for a routine visit. This is when most children have their full set of 20 primary (baby) teeth. So, what can you expect at this first visit? Every child reacts differently in the dental chair. Often times the first visit is simply a “Happy Visit” in which your child takes a ride in the chair, and we take a brief look in their mouth. As a parent, you shouldn’t be discouraged if the first visit or two aren’t successful cleanings. Your child will eventually have a full cleaning, exam and x-rays. Unless their is an urgent need for restorative dental care, there is no urgency to their first full visit. As a general and family dentist, we see love to see children and adults of all ages!

Routine dental visits are only part of a healthy mouth. At home care plays a significant role in plaque and cavity prevention. Be sure your little one is brushing 2x daily, just like you! It is ok to be involved in your childs brushing routine until the age of 9, or whenever they are removing plaque effectively themselves. Allow them to brush first, then finish the brushing yourself. Incorporate floss picks to make an easy transition for daily flossing. The Hygiene staff at Elmbrook will be happy to personalize  treatment goals for your child and every family member! Call our office today to schedule. We look forward to seeing your smile 🙂

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