Diet Soda and Tooth Decay

June 7, 2013

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abcYou may know that sugar can be bad for your teeth. Because of this, many people think it is safe to drink diet soda and be saved from tooth decay. But, did you know that diet soda is still acidic? That’s right; although diet soda has no sugar, the ingredients in them cause an acidic environment which is conducive to decay. If you have read our previous blog titled “Acid Erosion”, you are familiar with the chemical form of acid erosion which is caused by food and liquids in your diet.

Indications of erosion can be a dark or stained look to your teeth, a soft feeling, cupping or abnormal wearing of your enamel. Individuals that are at highest risk are those who drink diet soda in larger amounts and sip over long periods of time. We won’t tell you not to enjoy a soda at all, but if you must have one, enjoy it with a meal. Be sure you are not exposing yourself to acids in regular or diet soda over an extended period of time. Remember the phrase: “Sip all day, get decay”.

This article has some great information on diet soda and tooth decay. It even compares it to people people with drug addictions to Meth. So, take a look at the following link:

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