More Vitamin D=Less Tooth Decay

July 7, 2013

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Researchers are always digging deeper and looking harder for new information that will help improve our oral health. Some recent evaluations of existing evidence now indicates that people who have higher amounts of Viatmin D in their system are at a lower risk for cavities. In fact, they are seeing that it is an astounding 50% reduction in decay!!

The following study was done on children between the ages of 2 and 16 years old. Children who are deficient in Vitamin D are more likely to have delayed tooth eruption and tooth decay.  Take a look at this article for details:

So, where does Vitamin D come from? The best sources of this great vitamin are: the sunlight, fortified milk and yogurt, some cereal,vitdsalmon, eggs and cheese. 15 minutes a day of sunlight (don’t forget your sun screen!) provides a prefect amount of Vitamin D.

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