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August 13, 2013

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Here are some fun dental facts we thought you might find interesting. Did you know:

*The bacteria found in periodontal (gum) disease is related to premature births? Be sure not to neglect your oral care during pregnancy.

*Xylitol is a great natural alternative to fluoride and can be found in mints, gums and some toothpastes as well. It reduces bacteria and helps strengthen teeth.

*Some bottled water is acidic! That’s right, Aquafina and Dasani both have a pH of 4.0 making it acidic. A safer choice is your own tap water filtered.

*Cheese is considered one of the few anti-cariogenic foods (anti cavity). This should mean we are at a lower risk for decay here in Wisconsin, right?

*Night time brushing is much more important than your morning brushing. The food we eat throughout the day breaks down into sugars and harmful plaque and attaches to the tooth. Leaving it on over night while we sleep puts us at a much higher risk for decay and gum disease.






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