March 27, 2017

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Over the last few years, electronic cigarettes have really become a trend. Many use it as an alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes with the thought that they are not as damaging to your lungs and body. Others use the E-cigs as a transition to cut down on nicotine while they quit smoking regular cigarettes. The truth is, research is just starting to uncover the negative effects that the E-cigs may have to our health. History shows us that it can take decades to study the long term affects of products like this. In the early stages of research, they are uncovering proof that shows cellular change and cellular death at a rate of up to 53% in oral tissue. Studies are also showing that smoking these can be detrimental to your lung health causing an irreversible lung disease commonly known as “popcorn lung”. Think that smoking an E-cigarette doesn’t release second hand vapors? Think again. They do emit second hand toxins which include formaldehyde and other carcinogens.

Only time and further studies will reveal the potential fate of someone who smokes E-cigarettes. We care about your oral health and your overall health. The only safe option is to eliminate cigarettes, E-cigarettes and all other forms of smoke or smokeless tobacco from your life. Did you know that your staff at Elmbrook Family Dental is trained to help you quit? That’s right! Next time you see us, just ask. We are happy to help provide you with the first steps toward quitting and get you further resources as well.

Want to learn more about “popcorn lungs” or lung scarring and it’s long term effects? Visit here: http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/dental/article/e-cigarettes-shown-be-detrimental-oral-health-new-study?kara-rdh

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