Wake Up with a Clear Mind After TMJ Therapy in Brookfield

August 3, 2017

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We can help relieve head pain with TMJ therapy in Brookfield. Do you wake up every morning with sore jaws and a pounding headache that just won’t quit? That’s no way to start the day! What may be causing your headache could be lying just in front of your ears: your temporomandibular joints. That’s right, your body could be reacting to several factors that cause your TMJ’s to dysfunction. Elmbrook Family Dental is here to help you get a better understanding of what TMJ disorder is, the signs, causes, and most importantly: how TMJ therapy in Brookfield can help you!

Appreciate functioning TMJ’s!

It’s difficult to understand TMJ disorder if you don’t know what this joint does for you in the first place. This is the hinge joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. When these hinges begin to malfunction, you’ll start experiencing the painful side effects of TMJ disorder. You may have issues chewing and eating as well as speaking. These symptoms can include popping, clicking, pain, or the jaw becoming stuck in an open or closed position among others.

What are the most common symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder can include the following symptoms:

  • Pain, tenderness, aching, or fatigue in your jaw.
  • Pain in the face, neck, or shoulders.
  • Soreness in your ears.
  • Discomfort when chewing, speaking or opening your mouth wide.
  • The jaw becomes stuck in an open or closed-mouth position.
  • Clicking, popping, grating noises that come from your jaw.
  • Tiredness in your facial muscles.
  • Difficulty chewing.
  • Painful changes in your bite.
  • Swelling on either side of your face.

What could have caused my TMJ Disorder?

Diagnosing TMJ disorder can be difficult because it doesn’t seem like it would be directly connected to your oral health. Most times you may be looking in the wrong direction if you experience head, neck, or ear pain. Instead, when you seek help from your dentist in Brookfield, we may be able to help you discover the true cause of your disorder among this list:

  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth, even while asleep.
  • Whiplash (usually from a car accident).
  • Trauma or injury to your jaw.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea.

How can Elmbrook Family Dental help me?

Our dentists here at Elmbrook Family Dental provide a helpful, nonsurgical way to provide you with the relief you desperately need. TMJ therapy from our office includes a NTI-tss oral appliance. This small appliance keeps your teeth from grinding when you’re resting. Teeth grinding is caused by the irritated nerve endings that your misaligned joints are poking at. This appliance will also eliminate the pesky headaches and general head pain associated with TMJ disorder.

I’m ready to meet with a professional. How can I schedule an appointment?

If you didn’t know what was causing your jaw pain, hopefully this article helped you understand where it may be coming from. Get the help your smile deserves with TMJ therapy in Brookfield. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with any of our dental professionals.

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