Lost Filling? Visit an Emergency Dentist in Brookfield for Help!

July 7, 2018

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A damaged tooth compared to a restored tooth.Did you bite down on a piece of food only to feel your dental filling fall out? Maybe you were playing sports but left your mouthguard at home, only to be struck and have your filling knocked out? Regardless of the circumstances, a loose or lost filling is not something that should be put off.

The moment your filling comes out, you should schedule a visit with an emergency dentist in Brookfield. Here’s why!

The Dangers of Losing a Filling

While losing a filling may not seem like a big deal, it’s not something you should ignore. Your tooth is not capable of sustaining your bite force when the filling is gone, so you won’t be able to eat or drink with the same level of confidence. You’ll be able to tell once your tooth starts feeling sensitive to hot or cold stimuli.

Furthermore, oral bacteria can easily get inside the tooth and work it’s way toward the inner area where the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels lie. If this area becomes exposed to bacteria, it can easily develop an infection and cause significant pain.

Complications That Can Arise

In the event that bacteria does reach the inner tooth, decay can begin forming onto other areas. This will only make the fracture even larger, meaning a dental filling won’t be enough to salvage it. Instead, you’re more likely to need a full dental crown to cover the area. This will only cost you more time and money on additional dental visits.

If the pulp becomes infected, you’ll need to have a root canal treatment performed. This involves accessing the inner tooth through the crown, irrigating the root canal of your tooth, filling it with material to prevent an infection from happening again, then placing a restoration on top.

Both outcomes cost you more money and time in the dental chair, so getting your filling treated as soon as possible counts!

What to Do When a Filling Falls Out

The moment your filling comes out, schedule an appointment with a dentist in Brookfield. They’ll try to see you the same day so you can protect your tooth. Afterwards, use a cotton swab to apply clove oil and alleviate any pain. Clove oil can be found in most supermarkets and drugstores.

If you still have the filling, clean your tooth first and then apply dental cement to the area, which can also be found in any local pharmacy. If not available, substitute with denture adhesive or petroleum jelly. Keep in mind that these are not permanent solutions. If the filling is completely lost, use the cement, denture adhesive, or petroleum jelly to cover the tooth until you get to the dentist.

A simple missing filling can easily turn into something more serious. If you’ve recently lost your filling, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today!

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Dr. Eric Taibl earned his dental degree from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. He’s dealt with countless dental emergencies over the years and a lost filling is no exception. If you’re experiencing an emergency, you can contact him through his website right now!

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