Why Early Detection of Oral Health Issues Matters

May 24, 2022

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When you see people who live on the coast boarding up their homes and businesses and stacking sandbags in front of entry points as a hurricane approaches, they are being proactive now in an attempt to prevent damage later on. You can do the same thing for your oral health. While the proverbial hurricane may not be as easy for you to see coming, once you suffer tooth loss or develop periodontal disease, the storm is at your doorstep. Keep reading to learn about the importance of preventive dentistry from your dentist in Brookfield to benefit from the early detection of oral health problems.

Lend a Hand to Your Self-Esteem  

Oral health issues like bad breath, discolored teeth, or a crooked smile can cause low self-esteem which leads to depression. Sometimes, all it takes is a dental visit to turn the ship around and get the issue that’s weighing on you corrected.

Your Dentist Can Provide Product Advice

Do you ever go to the store and vaguely know what you need but not exactly, so you just pick something with no sound reasoning behind it? You don’t have to do that when buying oral hygiene products. The packaging on all items is going to tell you they’ll work great. Instead, talk to your dentist about what you are interested in purchasing and see what informed suggestions they have.

Reduce Dental Spending

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they want to save money. However, if you develop a serious condition that could’ve otherwise been prevented, you’re going to spend more money in the big picture than for the years you skipped the checkups and cleanings. A handful of preventive appointments cost less than the extraction and replacement of several teeth. Not to mention much less pain and frustration with the way things turned out.

Don’t Allow Problems to Build Up in Your Mouth

People often make the mistake of thinking that daily brushing and flossing alone will keep their teeth in good standing. As important as these actions are, your teeth require a dentist to periodically perform thorough checkups and cleanings to diagnose any developing problems. Poor oral health can lead to serious infections like gum disease that have been linked to strokes, heart attacks, and oral cancer. You don’t want to be a statistic among those who sought help when it was too late.

When you realize how beneficial biannual checkups and cleanings can be, it sure is easy to book that dentist appointment without a second thought. From saving you money to potentially saving your life with early detection of oral health problems, your dentist is ready and waiting to ensure your smile is happy and healthy!

About the Practice

At Elmbrook Family Dental, early morning and evening appointments are available for your convenience. From massage chairs to warm neck pillows and more, your comfort is a priority. With six dentists on staff, we can perform a wide array of treatments. Dental insurance is welcome and CareCredit financing is available. Early detection of oral health problems is one of the benefits of having your biannual cleaning and exam which you can schedule on our website or by calling (262) 784-7201.

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