Invisalign Refinements & Your New Smile

April 22, 2023

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a woman putting in her Invisalign refinements

Have you always wanted a straighter smile but didn’t want to have a mouth full of metal for a year or so? The good news is that Invisalign has made it possible for people of all ages to get the straighter teeth they’ve always wanted. By wearing a series of clear aligners over a designated amount of time, your pearly whites will gradually move into their optimal position. And no one will barely even be able to notice your orthodontics! However, once your treatment is complete, you may need a little more extra help getting your smile perfected. Read on to learn more about Invisalign refinements and how they help your treatment plan to be more successful.

What Are Invisalign Refinements?

Invisalign refinements are simply extra trays used to put the final touch on your final smile with your orthodontic treatment.  While not everyone will need them, they are quite common. Refinements are often necessary when your teeth have not completely moved as expected and need additional help to be moved in the desired position.

Once visiting your dentist for your follow-up appointments, they will determine if additional refinement is needed. They will make adjustments to your treatment plan and recommend extra trays if your smile needs an extra push at the end. The refinement trays will shift your teeth accordingly to accomplish the final desired result and complete the Invisalign process. While refinement trays may extend your treatment by a few months, it will be well worth it to achieve your newly aligned, beautiful smile!

Why Are Refinements Necessary?

There are several reasons your dentist may recommend refining your pearly whites at the end of your orthodontic treatments. These can include:

  • Neglecting to fulfill the recommended wear time of aligners (at least 22 hours a day)
  • Going extended periods of time without wearing aligners
  • Skipping the next set of aligners or switching them out too soon
  • Wearing aligners in the incorrect order
  • Needing to correct teeth that moved differently than expected

How Can You Ensure Success with Invisalign?

To ensure your Invisalign journey is successful, there are several things you can do to make the journey toward your new smile more successful, as well as decrease the chances of needing refinements. Be sure to do the following:

  •  Be sure to fulfill all recommended treatment guidelines, especially the wear time of 20-22 hours
  • Maintain an excellent oral health routine to prevent any oral health issues that could interrupt your treatment
  • Keep aligners safe in their storage case while they aren’t being worn; lost or broken aligners can cause delays and get your treatment plan off track
  • Maintain all checkup visits with your dentist to ensure your teeth are moving in the correct direction

Even if your treatment needs to be extended a bit with refinements trays, it will be well worth it when your final smile is accomplished!

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