To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

May 23, 2012

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Tongue. Labret. Monroe. Marilyn. Lip. Cheek. No matter where you stick it, facial piercings that involve the inside of the mouth are not good for teeth or overall oral health. It’s not just something that your dentist says because they don’t approve of your “looks”. That’s not it at all. The fact is that dentists treat problems associated from facial piercings every day…problems that could be avoided. Teeth are lost that are otherwise healthy, simply because of the impact of the piercing itself.

Tongue piercings are known to chip and break teeth. During normal talking the barbell can hit your teeth and over time weaken the enamel to the point of the tooth breaking. When eating, sometimes tongue rings get bit, which can cause molars to break. Tongue piercings can get infected, cause nerve damage, loss of taste, permanent numbness…the list goes on. Is it worth it?

Labret piercings, which is a piercing below your lower lip, are known to cause gum recession. Gum recession leads to loose teeth. Loose teeth lead to lost teeth. Permanent teeth. Is it worth it?

Monroe and Marilyn style piercings, which are through the upper area of the mouth (where a beauty mark would be) do the same. Gum recession-> loose teeth-> lost teeth. Your pretty piercing becomes your gap toothed smile. Is it worth it?

Lip rings are no different. Chipped teeth, gum recession. It’s all the same.

Tooth extractions are not always simple procedures, and the subsequent work needed to replace missing teeth can become quite costly. Eventually, your $50 oral piercing (which is the average cost) will become your $3000 problem. Is it really worth it?

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