Pain Free Dentistry and the Smile to Match

March 4, 2010

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wand1Hate having that “fat” lip feeling after your appointments with the Dentist? We’ve got a new way to go through pain free dentistry and not have a numb face! Our office just purchased a new system to administer anesthetic during dental visits. This system is called “The Wand”. The Wand numbs only very specific areas in your mouth where the Dentist is working that day. Instead of having the whole side of your face or lip numb, you will only be numb on the tooth they are working on that day. How great is that! The way it works is that an injection is given only in that specific area, numbing the teeth and tissues immediately surrounding that site. The injection is virtually pain free and the rest of your visit with us will be comfortable. You won’t even leave with a droopy lip or crooked smile! Talk with your doctor at your next visit to see if this might be right for you.

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