Is Fluoride Right For You?

February 4, 2010

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fluoride11You may have heard many different things surrounding topic of fluoride. The truth is that the benefits of fluoride do not discriminate in age, gender, or ethnic background. It can be beneficial to all people if comsumed in moderate amounts. Fluoride is a common mineral in many of the foods you eat and drink daily, as well as in tap water of many local communities. Many families have started using bottled water as an alternative to their own tap water. Most bottled water is not a significant source of fluoride. Review the nutrition labels before purchasing your next case of water, or consider using tap water with a filtration system like Britta or Pur. These brands of filters will take out bad tastes and sediments, but leave the fluoride in. What are the benefits? When fluoride is ingested through food and water, it becomes systemic and is then secreted through your salivary glands. This means that as it comes out through your saliva, it is in direct contact with your teeth and will help fight against cavities and strengthen enamel! Its amazing how your body works! So, before you grab that next bottle of water, consider that you may be sacrificing something that will promote a healthier mouth.  The links below will give you more information regarding fluoride and how to learn more about the water in your own communities. As always, your friendly staff at Elmbrook Family Dental is always here to answer any questions you may have. Call us any time or discuss your thoughts during your next dental visit.


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