Tooth Fairy

September 3, 2015

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toothfairyAt at average age of 5, children start to lose their baby teeth in order to make room for their new, larger adult teeth. Many families choose to have the Tooth Fairy come and swap those adorable baby teeth out for a special monetary gift. We have heard many different ways to make the tooth fairy a little more fun and exciting. Here are some things we would like to pass along!

Print this special Tooth Fairy Envelope. Fill out all the fun facts, cut and fold, then use for safe keeping under your little ones pillow until the Tooth Fairy can arrive and make the trade.

Want to make the money from the Tooth Fairy extra special, but don’t want to do it by leaving a $20 bill? Try this simple idea for sparkly Tooth Fairy money.

And of course, one of our favorite ideas: Leave a note from the Tooth Fairy encouraging good brushing and flossing habits. After all, the Tooth Fairy does only want healthy, sparkling teeth in her collection! Here is a link that gives you basic tips to pass along in the note for your child. Choose the tips your child needs most improvement on. Use bright colors and paper to make it attractive for the little ones. Who knows, it may even make your daily hygiene routine a little bit smoother for a while!

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