Why a toothache may be a bigger deal than you think!

February 13, 2017

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We all know that a toothache can be painful, but did you know it can lead to severe infection in other places of your body? In severe cases it can even lead to death. When a tooth becomes infected or you get an abscess, it is important to seek help from a dental professional immediately. Your dentist can often resolve this infection with a root canal and an oral antibiotic. In some cases, an extraction may also be needed to resolve the infection. It is extremely important to know that an oral antibiotic alone will NOT resolve a dental infection. It will temporarily decrease the amount of infection, pressure and pain, but there will always still be some infection remaining until a root canal or extraction is performed. This is why seeing a general doctor or emergency room doctor can lead to misunderstanding and incomplete treatment of dental infection. In severe cases, infection will come back after a course of oral antibiotic and spread to other parts of the body. This can cause hospitalization and even death. Follow the link listed below to read a story about a young father who sadly lost his life when his dental infection spread to his lungs. Our heart goes out to this family. Our goal is to never read another story like this again.

Our team of dentists is always here for you. If you have pain, don’t hesitate to call us. Not sure if it is a true “emergency” or if it can wait? Call us. We can help you figure it out. If you have any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that an infection is present. Call immediately if you are experiencing the following :

-Sensitivity to hot temperature.

-Pain that wakes you up at night.

-Pain that is lingering for 30-60 seconds or longer after experiencing temperature sensitivity.

-A bump in your mouth, near your tooth root that appears like a pimple.

-Puss or discharge coming from your gums.

Life is precious, so don’t take any chances. We are happy to diagnose your tooth pain for you. Here is the link to the article mentioned above: http://fox6now.com/2017/01/31/california-father-dies-after-tooth-infection-spreads-to-lungs/

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