Insurance Enrollment

September 4, 2017

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Typically September and October are the months that your employer will present your dental insurance options to you for the upcoming calendar year. Reviewing and making sense of these options can often be overwhelming. We are here to help you make the best decision more clear for you and your family.

Here is the most important thing to be aware of when getting your insurance information: Is this a PPO or an HMO/DMO policy? A PPO policy allows you to visit any office and receive benefits there. However, attending an in-network dentist will provide you with an insurance coverage that allows LESS out of pocket expense to you as the patient. An HMO/DMO policy means you will be assigned to a specific dentist or office an can only receive coverage there for the entire benefit year. This second option would sadly mean you could not come to see us at Elmbrook Family Dental unless paying out of pocket. The good news? We are in network with almost all major PPO companies in order to allow you to receive the best benefits for your services with us!

Coverage details beyond this can vary so greatly. Things you may need to consider are your yearly maximum and deductible, and the percentage that each service will be covered at. Some insurance plans also have waiting periods in which you will not have your full benefits available for a designated amount of time. Because the details are so different for every insurance company and every employer, we would encourage you to call or stop in and talk with our educated front desk staff. They are happy to help you determine the best benefits to cover your dental needs.

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