4 Thanksgiving Side Dishes You Should Limit or Avoid This Year

November 20, 2021

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Thanksgiving food on a table

A Thanksgiving table can be one of the most enticing sights to see. You may begin to salivate when you see the juicy turkey, delectable cranberry sauce, savory yams, and divine green bean casserole. But if you want to take better care of your oral health this season, you may want to limit or even pass on these four side dishes, as they can spell disaster for your teeth and gums if you’re not careful.

Cut Out the Cranberry Sauce

Instead of reaching for the canned sauce, buy fresh cranberries and reduce the amount of sugar you put in your recipe. Because this particular dish contains high levels of sugar, you can be at risk for a serious cavity or infection if you don’t monitor your consumption and take proper care of your teeth and gums after consuming. Always drink water while eating anything with sugar in it.

Say “So Long” to the Sweet Potato Casserole

While there are many different ways to make it, sweet potato casserole is one of the most popular dishes on a Thanksgiving table, especially if it has slightly toasted marshmallows covering the top. Regular cooked sweet potatoes are good for your oral and overall health, but once you pile on butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows, it becomes a delicious, yet dangerous dish for your oral health. If you are not drinking water or brushing your teeth after consuming it, you run the risk of developing a cavity or gum disease if it remains untreated.

Steer Clear of Stuffing

Although stuffing isn’t full of sugar, it does contain a lot of starch and virtually no protein. No matter how you make it, the bread content is off the chart, and the carbs can do just as much damage to your tooth enamel as sugar. Because they can stay on your teeth for longer periods, it’s essential that you clean your teeth immediately following your meal and drink plenty of water. If you want a different type of dish to place on your table this year, try beans, as they are great for your digestive system and are full of protein and fiber.

Find an Alternative to Fruit Cake

Most people either love or hate fruit cake. If you lean toward those you can’t imagine a holiday without it, you might want to start considering an alternative. These desserts contain lots of sugar because of their chewy and dried fruits. Instead, opt for a fruit crumble that is made from fresh berries, apples, and other items

As you watch your loved ones prepare to consume these foods this Thanksgiving, make the choice to say “no thank you” or place only a tiny spoonful on your plate. As a result, you’ll enter the new year with a healthy, beautiful smile.

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