What is the Point of Having My Blood Pressure Taken at the Dentist’s Office?

August 22, 2022

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You walk into your dentist’s office in need of a general checkup and cleaning. It’s business as usual when you sit down in the chair and prepare to undergo a thorough examination and cleaning; however, something is different. Instead of immediately reclining, a member of your dental team begins taking your blood pressure. Isn’t this something that is usually done at the doctor’s office, not the dentist’s? If you’re suddenly asking, “Why does my dentist take my blood pressure,” read on to learn the reason for this practice and why it’s beneficial for your oral and overall health.

Your Blood Pressure & Oral Health

Although you might find it odd to have your blood pressure (BP) taken at the dentist’s office, there are actually a few reasons why it’s necessary, such as:

  • If you require certain treatments or sedation, high blood pressure can pose a potential problem.
  • If you need local anesthesia, knowing your BP can potentially hinder the ability to effectively numb your mouth.
  • By identifying high blood pressure, we can indicate if there is a bigger issue that pertains to your overall health.

Can Problems Inside the Mouth Lead to High Blood Pressure?

Unfortunately, yes. One specific problem – gum disease – is commonly linked to hypertension and can increase your risk for heart disease. According to a study published in 2020 in Cardiovascular Research, individuals who suffered from moderate gum disease were believed to be 22% more likely to develop high blood pressure, and those with severe periodontal issues were 49% more likely.

This is why it is essential that maintain regular dental exams and cleanings. By catching problems early on, you can minimize and even eliminate the issues before they become increasingly difficult to treat. The mouth and body are closely connected, which makes it all the more vital to keep up with your oral health. Anytime a situation develops inside the mouth, it is more likely to cause problems throughout the rest of your body and specifically, your main organs (i.e., heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, etc.).

Although it is now common practice for your dentist to take your blood pressure at each appointment, trust that the results will help them determine the best possible way to treat you so that your oral and overall health reap the benefits.

About the Practice
Elmbrook Family Dental is dedicated to helping patients maintain a better quality of life. This not only means taking care of one’s oral health but also their overall well-being. When problems arise in one area, it is necessary to take action immediately to avoid more serious issues in the long run. One way we can help patients maintain better wellness is by taking their blood pressure during regular visits. To learn why this practice is necessary, visit our website and discover how knowing a person’s BP can make a difference in how we provide essential treatment.

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