Don’t Let Jaw Pain Ruin Your Day!

July 18, 2022

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You Don’t Have to Settle for Chronic Jaw Pain

Are you constantly having to take time out of your day to address chronic jaw pain? At Elmbrook Family Dental, we understand exactly how frustrating it can be to deal with something that feels entirely out of your control.

Here’s the good news: you can finally take control of your discomfort and improve your quality of life when you partner with experts who know the complex ins and outs of jaw joint disorders. If you experience any of the following, you’ll want to give Elmbrook Family Dental a call: 


 Jaw pain, soreness, tension, or pressure

✔ Mouth, facial, neck, shoulder, or upper back pain

 Feeling tired after waking up

✔ Clicking or popping in the jaw joints

✔ Lockjaw

It is possible to have problems with your TMJ even if you don’t notice any of these symptoms, which is just another reason why regular dental exams are so vital. While some dentists provide oral appliances to resolve TMJ problems or recommend invasive surgery, Dr. Brunner offers a third option.

His holistic approach focuses on the source of your pain, not simply applying a “band-aid” solution and hoping for the best. He asks the right questions to determine exactly what’s causing your problems in order to create a more accurate diagnosis to address your concerns. While our office will likely recommend an oral appliance to ensure you get relief, this is not the end-all-be-all for your treatment. It’s simply one aspect of your ongoing partnership with Dr. Brunner and the rest of his team.

We’ve served countless patients over the years who have struggled with problems related to their TMJ, so feel free to learn more about their stories before you call. We’d love to hear from you and provide care that is truly personalized, so don’t wait to get in touch!

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