Alleviate Pain with Gentle Root Canal Therapy from Elmbrook Family Dental

January 17, 2015

176985787Are you tired of tooth pain and sensitivity? If you’re seeking relief from tooth aches and sensitivity to hot and cold foods, Elmbrook Family Dental can help with root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is a dental procedure where your diseased or damaged inner tooth pulp is gently removed and the inside areas (root canals) are disinfected, filled, and sealed. Once root canal therapy is completed, a dental crown can be placed over your the tooth to restore its full functioning. You can make an appointment with the gentle restorative dentists of Elmbrook Family Dental for your root canal therapy procedure today. The highly qualified dentists of Elmbrook Family Dental proudly serve patients of all ages throughout Brookfield, WI, Elm Grove, Milwaukee, Pewaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, and the surrounding communities.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Inside each tooth are soft pulp tissues containing blood, nutrients, and nerves from which you experience sensations of hot and cold. This tissue is vulnerable to damage from infection, accidental injury, tooth fracture, or trauma from repeated dental procedures. If your tooth becomes diseased or injured, bacteria can build up inside the pulp, spreading infection and causing pain and sensitivity. You may experience severe, constant, or throbbing pain, as well as prolonged sensitivity to heat and cold, swelling and tenderness in the gums and face, and discoloration. In some limited cases, the pulp may die so gradually that there is little noticeable pain.

Does Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

Not when you choose the gentle dentists of Elmbrook Family Dental. Your root canal therapy will be performed in conjunction with our Single Tooth Anesthesia system. A rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to isolate the infected tooth. The dentist will then make an opening through the natural crown of the tooth to access the root canal and pulp chamber. Creating this access also relieves pressure built up inside the tooth which can immediately decrease any pain. Next, small files are used to clean and disinfect the entire canal space. The canals are also slightly enlarged and shaped to receive a rubber-like filling material called gutta-percha. However, the tooth will not be filled or sealed until completely free of bacteria. You may receive a temporary seal, or the tooth may be left open to drain with an antibiotic to counter any spread of infection. Once the canals are completely clean and filled with gutta-percha, sealer cement is applied. The restored tooth is then protected by a temporary filling or crown until a permanent restoration is placed.

Brookfield Root Canal Therapy Appointments

Successful root canal therapy will not only ease pain, but will also save your natural tooth from extraction. Don’t let tooth pain or discomfort get the best of you. Make your root canal therapy appointment with the trusted family dentists of Elmbrook Family Dental today. The restorative dentistry experts at Elmbrook Family Dental proudly restore smiles daily throughout Brookfield, WI, Elm Grove, Milwaukee, Pewaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, and nearby areas.

To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

May 23, 2012

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Tongue. Labret. Monroe. Marilyn. Lip. Cheek. No matter where you stick it, facial piercings that involve the inside of the mouth are not good for teeth or overall oral health. It’s not just something that your dentist says because they don’t approve of your “looks”. That’s not it at all. The fact is that dentists treat problems associated from facial piercings every day…problems that could be avoided. Teeth are lost that are otherwise healthy, simply because of the impact of the piercing itself.

Tongue piercings are known to chip and break teeth. During normal talking the barbell can hit your teeth and over time weaken the enamel to the point of the tooth breaking. When eating, sometimes tongue rings get bit, which can cause molars to break. Tongue piercings can get infected, cause nerve damage, loss of taste, permanent numbness…the list goes on. Is it worth it?

Labret piercings, which is a piercing below your lower lip, are known to cause gum recession. Gum recession leads to loose teeth. Loose teeth lead to lost teeth. Permanent teeth. Is it worth it?

Monroe and Marilyn style piercings, which are through the upper area of the mouth (where a beauty mark would be) do the same. Gum recession-> loose teeth-> lost teeth. Your pretty piercing becomes your gap toothed smile. Is it worth it?

Lip rings are no different. Chipped teeth, gum recession. It’s all the same.

Tooth extractions are not always simple procedures, and the subsequent work needed to replace missing teeth can become quite costly. Eventually, your $50 oral piercing (which is the average cost) will become your $3000 problem. Is it really worth it?

Talk to us before you decide to have an oral piercing done. Call our Brookfield office today at 262-784-7201.